Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)




  • From a private home investigation.

  • This an awesome EVP from The Shanley Hotel In New York.  It was just Marty and Shelly here this time, we were literally the only people in this Hotel that night, but I'm not sure we were really alone.


In the HOLE EVP-what is that at 56 seconds-1.mp3

  •  The EVPs contained in this clip are from an Investigation we did with SPR at Buena Vista Plantation in Prattville, AL. There are 4 EVPs in this clip.  

Buena Vista Plantation - Baby Room 10-17-08.wav Buena Vista Plantation - Baby Room 10-17-08.wav
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  •  From a private home investigation

-woodPrivate.wav -woodPrivate.wav
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 Reviewing Evidence at the Rathbone Mansion

IMG_7297-2.MOV IMG_7297-2.MOV
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