Reports and Documents 


 Final Investigation Report

Report Date: September 08, 2015


Location:  ALABAMA

Date(s) of Investigation: August 22, 2015

Length of Investigation:  approximately 5 hours including walkthrough, introductions and participant interviews

Reason for Investigation (historical interest or requested):  Follow up from prior investigation done by another paranormal investigation team.  Possible confirmation and clarification of reported activity.

Phenomenon reported by persons at site:

  • Tall, “skinny” man seen about 12 years ago in the dining room
  • A man 35-40 wearing a gray 3 pc suit was seen coming into the deli then leave again.  owner was told by another lady that this could be her father who used to own the building and dressed that way
  • Someone told client that a shadow followed her into the back dining area then disappeared into the wall
  • An unexplained fire in her oven with basket(s) in it.  Client has no idea how this happened
  • Miscellaneous sounds like things moving around when client there in the morning setting up
  • Heard the sound of horses, a woman’s voice and laughter.

Team members on investigation:  Marty, Shelly, Tammy, Tracey and Trevor.  Guests included the owners, and guests of the owners.

Equipment Used:  CCTV security camera system (5), EMF readers, digital recorders (primarily Sony), KII Meters, Gauss Meter, dowsing rods and pendulums.

Atmospheric/Environmental Conditions (i.e. Temp, meter readings, etc.):  2nd & 3rd floors both temp range from 80 – 85 degrees depending on where the reading was taken.  No EMF or KII anomalies reported, all within normal range.

Synopsis of investigation, including any personal experiences:  Based on some of the EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) collected however, we get the impression we might have been “toyed” with so-to-speak as the EVPs all seem to be mocking or repeating what we say, as if they want to join in or be part of it.  For instance, we captured an EVP while Shelly was explaining the use of dowsing rods (included with this report Class B– “NO” while explaining Dowsing Rods). 

Below is a more detailed account from our members.  Tammy states that when she, Marty and Tracey were doing an overall walk-through, she got the name “Charles” very strong.  Could this be the “C” on WC Pinehardt’s name?  No information found on a WC Pinehardt online.  There is Pinehardt Farms located in Cullman but we have not conducted any deep research in this part of the history.  We were informed that before the existing building was onsite, it was a Guano factory.  Later in 1935 the current building was built and housed a couple of warehouse-type establishments.

We began on the 3rd floor.  Almost immediately after we all settle in, the owner begins to get touched on her knee several times. During our investigation we hear taps (similar to water dropping).  Marty goes to investigate the sound yet found ZERO evidence of a water drip. 

Approximately 35-40 mins. into the investigation, Tracey and Tammy see a shadow going from corner to corner behind the elevator shaft. 

We hear a couple more taps (one which seemed to be right in front of us (very close).  Tammy and Trevor hear what sounds like clothes rustling or dragging behind them.  This was heard a few more times during the investigation on the 3rd floor.  

There was quite a bit of sound contamination at times due to a passing thunderstorm.

We started hearing music at a neighboring business or the event that was happening in town.

While on the 2nd floor, the K2 meter goes off with 2 lights (not sure why).   We heard a tap when we started our pendulum session (with glow stick).  Not much success actually using the glow stick as a useable “pendulum” however.

Grid light goes off and on (we determined the batteries were dying). 

We hear a scraping noise outside on or near the window. 

We hear a big bang behind the client in the corner.

Lots of glow stick movement in all directions which by this time had been hung freely up on a nail away from us and no drafts coming through to move it.  Interestingly enough, many of us perceived the glow stick to be moving up & down vs side to side which we all thought was peculiar.

Several people heard a whisper

Tammy hears the clothes rustling sound again.

Tracey was touched on her leg.

We move to the 1st floor. We all sat in different areas in the front dining area. 

EVP: Approximately 25 mins. after settling in, Marty drags her straw (by mistake) through the lid which makes a loud noise. After tagging it, we have an EVP that says "straw".
We move to the back seating area and begin a pendulum session (Shelly's pendulum).

While watching the video from that timeframe, the "dust"/"orb" activity picked up quite a bit. During the pendulum session along with the heightened "orb" activity, there were many bright "orbs" going in all directions including sideways and up from the bottom.  This could be attributed to the air conditioning circulating the air – it did pick up as we entered the room thus possibly “stirring” up dust.

Several minutes in to the pendulum session, a white shadow goes across the wall (from the right corner to the left).  Debunking attempts shows the area where this was seen would have been impossible for this to be a car going by because it was in the corner; walls cover that sort of reflection.  It also does not appear that anyone in the group adjacent to the activity had a flashlight or anything else that would seem to cause this shadow.  Other than this capture, the entire night this camera had not shown this type of shadow.  

EVP: During this pendulum session, a question was asked the answer was "yes" (about burning the stove) someone asked again was it yes? When we answered, behind our conversation there is "yeah" and shortly thereafter is also a “no”.

Hard evidence collected:  It is difficult to absolutely conclude that we captured what would be considered “hard” evidence although the video capture is closest to that determination.  We also collected a few EVPs ranging from Class C to the best Class A which will be included with this report.

“Soft” evidence collected:  Personal experiences by many such as being touched, hearing strange out-of-place thumps and taps as well as what sounded like clothes rustling.

Team synopsis: As this was considered a private establishment, our main goal in our investigative efforts was to provide a personal confirmation to the client. After a carefully considered investigation we could neither prove nor disprove the authenticity of the client’s experiences with any instrumentally collected evidence. However, both our investigators and guest had personal experiences that could constitute some evidence of what could be determined “abnormal” in a general sense.

By stating that, it is our belief that the experiences of the client are authentic. We believe that these experiences could very well be both a transient and resident residual energy.  

Disclaimer:  The information in this report is provided for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to prove or confirm paranormal activity.  The information is strictly based on theoretical ideas, personal experiences and some “evidence” collected.  Collected evidence such as recordings, pictures, video, etc. if available and/or provided, is only believed, by the team, to substantiate some type of unexplained phenomena captured.