Event Information 


We are excited to have you as our guest at the Haunted Rathbone Mansion Investigation Event.

Below is a more detailed recap of what is included in your ticket price.

- History of the Mansions

- Paranormal 101

- Guided Ghost Tour in the heart of New Orleans

- Two overnight Paranormal Investigations

The event fee covers, 2 overnight investigations, lodging and a guided ghost tour of New Orleans.  This is a GREAT DEAL!

This event fee includes lodging, in the same place you’re investigating, which you rarely get to experience on most events!  This lodging will be somewhat like a “Hostel” which will mean, depending on the number of guests in each room, you may end up rooming with someone you just met.  The rooms are quite spacious and some can accommodate up to 5 or 6 people in each room.  Invite your group!

We will cover a brief history of the Mansion itself including reported sitings and experiences by us as investigators as well as previous guests and the mansion staff.

We will cover the basic principles of paranormal investigations and use of equipment (Paranormal 101).  Basic equipment would include, but not limited to, a camera and digital or tape recorder.  Bring whatever equipment you wish, however, we will have to prohibit any equipment that requires lengthy setups (such as CCTV camera systems) due to the time settings for each level investigation.  We will also have a limited amount of recorders and digital cameras to lend for your investigations.

Earlier Saturday night we will join Lord Chaz, Host Extraordinaire, (or his protégé) on a guided ghost/vampire tour in the heart of New Orleans!

When we return from the tour, we will resume investigations on the rooms/areas voted favorites by everyone from Friday night’s investigation!

Additional information:

  • Guests are encouraged to arrive no later than 6:30pm on Friday 10/16/2015 as the event is scheduled to start promptly at 7pm.
  • Water and snacks provided by Alabama Spirit Hunters.
  • Unlike many events, at least those that we have attended in the past, this will be structured, with a timely discipline to encourage a great experience by everyone.
  • We will have 15-minute breaks between each level changeover.
  • We will be happy to review your evidence collected and will download during breaks and after the event(s) if needed.
    • We will let you know when to expect your results returned to you via email.

We look forward to meeting you and joining you on this fun event!

*Some small details are subject to change, if this happens, we will inform you promptly.